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 Mrs Holmes had requested that the name of Shirland St be given to the thoroughfare to perpetuate the birthplace of her children. Mr Holmes, it may be recalled, built most of the properties on the street.

There were ten children born to the parents, and of these 4 sons and 3 daughters, all married, survived their mother – six of the families are living in Chesterfield and one in Sheffield.

The interment took place, amid many manifestations of regret, at the Chesterfield Spital Cemetery on Wednesday. The Rev J Ducker, Curate in Charge at Christ Church Stonegravels, conducted the Service. The Coffin Bearers were Messrs J Blount, R Slater, G Varley and J Varley (Grandsons) J A Green and G Madin (Employees).

The principle mourners were: Mr R Holmes (widower), Mr & Mrs D Slater from Sheepbridge (son in law & daughter), Mr & Mrs W Varley from Sheffield (son in law & daughter), Mr & Mrs W R Holmes (son & daughter in law), Mr & Mrs E Green (son in law & daughter), Mr & Mrs S Holmes (son & daughter in law), Mr & Mrs J Holmes (son & daughter in law), Mrs G Rhodes from Stanton Mill, Connie Slater, Blanche Slater, Ida Holmes, Leonard Holmes and Robert Holmes (grand children), Mrs Featherstone from Shirland (sister), Mr W Blount from Blackwell (brother), Mr & Mrs J Blount from Shirland (brother & sister in law), Mr & Mrs S Blount from Shirland (brother & sister in law) Mr & Mrs J Jackson from Clay Cross (brother in law & sister in law), Mrs Foster from Grantham (sister in law), Mr G Holmes from Clay Cross (brother in law), Mrs J Brough from Clay Cross (sister in law), Mr R Slater (grand daughter in law), Mr & Mrs Brown from Bolsover (nephew & niece), Mrs Iliffe from Bolsover (niece), Miss Blount from Blackwell (niece), Mrs G Holmes from Shirland (niece), Mrs Newbury from Shirland (niece), Mr W Varley (nephew).Wreath and floral souvenirs represented the widower, ‘Martha & Drury & family’, ‘Emma & Will’, ‘Will & Sally & family’, ‘Jack & Emma & family’, ‘Annie & Ted’, ‘Sam & Lizzie’, ‘Jim & Alice’, ‘Joe, Tom & Jack (grandsons)’, ‘Connie & Blanche’, ‘Mrs & Mrs S Blount & family’, ‘Mr & Mrs J Jackson’, ‘Mrs J Brough’. ‘Mr & Mrs Everard from Sheffield Rd’, ‘Mr & Mrs A Bennett of the Devonshire Arms’, ‘Mr & Mrs B Crossland of the Turf Tavern’, ‘Mr & Mrs Beeston’, ‘Mr & Mrs Briggs’, ‘Mr & Mrs Baston’, ‘Mrs H Asquith’, ‘Mr & Mrs Jepson’, ‘members of Ladies Club’, ‘Four Tenants of Higham Cottages - Mr & Mrs Donnelly, Mr & Mrs Priest, Mr & Mrs Taylor and Mr & Mrs Wareham.